Failover Gateway

I have a few fundamental inquiries regarding the failover gateway feature offered by your service. The failover gateway serves as a contingency plan, enabling a second attempt for call termination in situations where the primary gateway is either unavailable or unresponsive. I would like to understand whether, in the event of a failover, the system recalculates the call termination rate based on the updated gateway or if it maintains the rate as it was prior to the failover occurrence.

Hello @sharif,
If you have selected failover gateway in trunk then no.
If you have selected multiple trunks in rate group then yes.

Thank you for your quick response. Still I am confusing. In my case I have selected 4 failover gateways in trunk and also in my rategroup it has multiple trunk. then what will happen

For failover gateways under trunk it will use same termination rates for gateways under that trunk.
For trunks under rate groups, for each trunk there will be calculations and selection of termination rate from that trunk based on selected routing strategy, so once particular trunk is selected then for all the failover gateways under that trunk will have same termination rates selected.