Forgot GUI Password

Hi Team,

I forgot admin GUI password. Please can someone advise how can i get the password, i have astppuser db access…any tables to look at??


There is only one database. Look at the user table, and you will see admin.

For some reason they did not hash, and/or salt the passwords thus passwords are in the clear.

I checked the database, it has 2 tables:

  1. usertracking

  2. userlevels

i couldnt find the user access here…

Hello @Rahul.143uv,
Check in the above file and comment the password verify line, then it will let you log in by admin admin, change your password then again uncomment the line.

Hello @palak thanks a lot for your help … i did exactly the same , however, it still said

Login unsuccessful. Please make sure you entered the correct username and password, and that your account is active

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@Rahul.143uv can you please share which line you have commented ?

Hi Palak,

got it…accidentally i had deleted the admin from account section earlier. Its now solved thanks for your help.

Hello @Rahul.143uv ,
Okay great.
Your welcome.