Free Fixer API only works with Euro as Base Currency

Not sure if anyone noticed but the astpp Currency update with the free fixer API does not work unless the Base Currency is “Euro”. Is there a solution? My base currency must be USD or CAD.

@dcitelecom In community version of ASTPP, you have to manage by yourself. You can have your own fixer key/account to make it work.

Whatever base currency you will configure in the currency module, system will use that and do the exchange of rates accordingly.

You can find the code from here: ASTPP/web_interface/astpp/application/controllers/currencyupdate.php at V6.0 · iNextrix/ASTPP (

but the free fixer API code only works if the base currency is EURO. Any other Base currency results in the error below which makes it unusable for USD base currency.

“Currency exchange rates not updated successfully for this reason base_currency_access_restricted please check from fixer side”.

I tried changing the php code to use and ASTPP Update Currencies completes without error but it’s giving wrong rates e.g. USD → CAD 1.459 when it’s 1.35 currently.

I think it’s missing a parameter to use the European Central Bank as source (source=ecb) but I don’t know how to add it in the PHP file