Freeswitch localnet config

Hi everyone, I have ASTPP v6 with the ip, when I connect a client in the network the FreeSWITCH inform in the SDP the public IP( How can I chage that? I need to inform the private ip.

@cvillalba Modify ext-rtp-ip param in profile and rescan

Hi @devangn in ext-rtp-ip is set with de public IP( I need to define de customer in lan like a localnet. In asterisk i can set localnet for example.

Hello @cvillalba
You can modify another network IP as ext-rtp-ip(and rescan profile) which want media packets to travel between customer/UAC and switch

I don´t understand you @devangn.

I have this architecture:

The call between Customer 01 and ASTPP work good. The call between Customer 01 and Customer 03 work good. When a Custormer 01 call Customer 02 in SDP is inform the public IP, even though is the same localnet.

@ cvillalba - what i have done for this, is create another SIP Profile, with a different SIP port, and used the localnet (ASTPP Interface IP) as the ext-rtp and ext-sip address.
then you point the localnet systems to that profile and the external clients (on the internet side) to the profile with the ext-rtp as the ‘’

below are my LAN side SIP Profiles:

image is on my one profile that is only used for systems on the LAN
Screenshot 2023-01-10 181642-2

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Thank @NormanMichaelis this is a good solution.