FreeSWITCH MD5 Error

Any explication about this FreeSWITCH error?

[ERR] switch_utils.c:4584 Unknown message digest md5

This Happens when I try to REGISTER a SIP DEVICE or make a call (BOTH FAIL)

Hello @social ,
Can you please restart FS and then check again.

today no error but the time in time after a sip profile restart (from FreeSWITCH console), FreeSWITCH crash

The error persists.
Anyone with the same issue?

Me too… :frowning:
[ERR] switch_utils.c:4584 Unknown message digest md5
…when trying to register a SIP extension of an account …

update: Yes, running fs_cli -x ‘fsctl shutdown elegant restart’ , the error “Unknown message digest md5” dissapeared (for now…).
Don´t understand: some minutes ago, I rebooted ASTPP and the error persisted…
…but restarting FS, error dissappears.? :confused:

Anyway, please @PALAK, if you get some explaination for this error, @SOCIAL and me will be grateful. Thanks.

@PALAK, this error is recurrent…It appeared again in my FS…I detect this error appears after some adjustmente in ASTPP…

Hello @urbanet ,

Please share screenshot of the error.

Has anyone tested that fix they posted in that github thread?

me… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
restarting FS is not the solution; MD5 issue appears again after a few minutes.
@smrdoshi is working hard over my server … hope he can find the issue and the solution.