Freeswitch Servers Missing

Hi guys,
in ASTPP versione 5.0 community the module Freeswitch Servers under tab Switch is missing.
Is it normal? I’m using Centos 7.
How can we handle multiple switch host?
Thank you very much.

ASTPP is a switch running so so all you’re supposed to do is create trunks For the PB X

Thank you for your answer.
I mean event socket. In version 4 of ASTPP you can find Freeswitch Servers on tab Switch. You can add there other Freeswitch servers to read event messages via port 8021 from each one.
i.e. you have more customers registered on 2 servers and you can see registrations from one of the cluster.
Is it now clear?

Hello @tescamela
Yes, it is by design.