Fresh install of 6, web page doesn't load

Hi, just finished installing ASTPP Version 6 using the in /usr/src. At end displays info to login to and to first reboot.

Rebooted, try going to the URL the page doesn’t load.

See they use nginx and its running. Disabled firewalld to see if firewall is blocking.

When going to plain (no https) it does load welcome to nginx.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

Created new iteration of debian 11 to try again. This time, installed sudo before running the script. The installed, just had to re-enable IPv6 and it worked. The first attempt did not appear to install mysql and several others as warnings could be seen while ./ was running.

No major errors were see while ./ was running. Seems the installer doesn’t install sudo or it just fails to install and keeps going…

Hello @Mr.Smith ,
Does the sudo packages are installed on the server? Can you confirm if mysql is not installed?

Hi Palak,
Like mentioned in this post, after the 2nd creation of the astpp server, it seems OK. The difference between the ./ is on the first iteration, simply ran ./ and it fails. some Directories and files are not created.

On the 2nd try. Created new VM and then installed sudo before running ./ and that seemed to fix it.


Hello @Mr.Smith ,
okay no issues,