Gateway down not up on my astpp

Hello Iam anewbe and just installed ASTPP system and now I cant hear a dial tone on my calls no ringtone on my calls a when I check the Gateway its DOWN not active as in UP what could be the problem and I keep on getting Timeout error 480 and 602 errors any help to resolve this issues? Also the calls say normal clearance but no picking

Hello @BMNT2 ,
You information is insufficient to answer because that kind of problem come in multiple scenarios.
Here i recommend you to check following things first

  1. Check your trunk require registration or not, if no then make sure you have set same in Gateway configuration.
  2. For audio make sure you have proper port range open and not block by firewall.

You may share call logs here if face any other issue

Thanks alot now its working though i have another issue the ASTPP in CDR says the switch congestion and I have a 30 c Sip and only opened 10 ports for only one customer how is congestion what do I need to increase for the congestion to go?


May be your trunk provider have CC limit or you have configure in customer / trunk in ASTPP otherwise it will work without issue.