Gateway retry before failover

hello everyone.
i have configured a trunk with 2 failover gateway. but my main gateway has some port issue they said. so i have 2 other gateway as a failover. but problem is system only try one time to the main gateway. if can set for 10secs that it will keep try by each second i am sure i will get some open port to put my call in to my main provider server.

but i cant find any option in the trunk form that how long it will be try before it go to failover.
can someone please guide me? i want to set 10 seconds will try my main gateway before its go to failover. so it can try for 10 secs and each second try… i am sure if i set like this call will be go. as once the call gone there is no problem for quality.
so i want to use that gateway… can someone help me pelase?

you can’t

Find other solution like solve ports issue or change provider.


there is possible definately sir.
i can see in the trunk there is GW and Faiilover GW1, Failover GW2

all i set is three of them same gw.
and no call failure.
may be need to modify the code and bring the thing in the Trunk Form. like Maximum retries and seconds interval. before its goes to another gateway.

and there is port issue with all the IGW in bangladesh currently. and it is possible what i said… may be need some custom

you can using the same Gateway in failover 1 and 2 because between one try and another pass some second but In FreeSWITCH there isn’t any option permit you want do.