General Question to see if this can help my situation

Hello All,

Trying to see if this is a good solution to help me bill VoIP services.
I want to basically take CDR’s, process them and create client invoices.
I may not send the invoices to the client, but simply use them to enter the information into our accounting system, but ASTPP can maybe facilitate all the pricing for the client, call logs, etc.

I can manipulate the source CDR’s (3 or 4 providers) into any format needed so thats not an issue.
I’m not looking for real time billing, just whenever I upload and process lets say the beginning of each month.

Each client may have either a package or unique pricing ( I can work on that to make it more efficient assuming a package or plan 1 vs 2 so the pricing is consistent for those ).

Is ASTPP something that can help me accomplish this?

If so, knowing that I am technical, can easily import client info, rates etc, roughly how much time is required to spin up and get a batch of invoices out?

Thanks all!

Good day @MiamiJack
I hope you are doing great.
Yes ASTPP will perfectly fit for your requirements.
Can you please connect us on Email :
Skype : astpp.sales

I did try reaching out a few times earlier via phone, via skype with no luck…

@MiamiJack I asked sales person to connect with you.