Guide on how to Configure ASTPP 5 on Debian 10/11

Is there any documentation on how to install ASTPP 5 on Debian 10/11?

I load into the location specified and when I go to run it I get an error telling me I need to do the manual install and to reach out to ASTPP support/sales.

I then proceeded to look for the manual instructions and found nothing anywhere.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

@Communication can you please share on which particular OS you have tried and it asked for manual install, so I can guide you accordingly.
Is it Debian 10 or Debian 11?

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@palak I’ve done it on Centos 7 with no success after following an older YouTube video I was able to find.

I’m now looking to redo it with a fresh instance of Debian 11.

Hello @Communication,
Please install it on Debian 10, as on debian 11 it will not support .

@palak Do you have the installation documentation? You said you would provide it.

You can always run my headache free installation script on Debian 10.

To run it (under root):


chmod +x


After installing it on Debian 10, I get an “Unable to Connect” error when trying to load the server.

I didn’t run into this issue with using your script for Debian 11, but as you know I get the error upon login. Any idea how to address the unable to connect issue?

i have tested with Debian 10, and I know it works, but as I said, you can try on Debian 10, not 11.

Not sure what you mean by this

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That’s correct, I completed the installation on Debian 10 and when trying to load the homepage at the server address I just get “Unable to Connect”

I also ran the same exact installation on Debian 11 but didn’t run into this issue, so I’m not sure what’s different between the versions.

That sounds like a firewall issue/network, not an installation issue.

Debian 11 has many things different so it is not working now with ASTPP 5

I restarted the server and now I’m getting:

Welcome to nginx!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to
Commercial support is available at

Thank you for using nginx.

Why am I not getting the ASTPP home page instead?

Because probably you did the wrong URL?


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Thanks for the help, sorry for the million questions, fairly new to all this just exploring.

So its working now?

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Yes, thank you!

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There seems to be an error with your script, I can access the web interface normally, but when in fs_cli it keeps giving an error in the music directory, and sofia_status doesn’t show any profile…

hello any idea when you will be ready for debian 11?

Hello @sokalsondha ,
It will forthcoming, we will let you know once we have some plan for it.

Please, can you share with me a link for a video or link, to see all details in this install of .

Thank you

Hello @itconsult0527 ,
In which OS you want to install v5?