Help with FreeSwitch

Hey. I am still working on my install script so that one does not need to use a SignalWire token. It would also be nice to get it set up on other systems such as ARM.

So far, I have the installation almost fully working with Debian 10,11, and Ubuntu 22.04.

The issue I am having is with FreeSwitch. It is running, but no Sofia sip profiles are loading. I am compiling it instead of using the SignalWire packages.

Can one of you help me understand why it is failing to do so?

I notice an almost identical issue is happening with your v6 installer. Upon boot, no Sofia profile is loader either however, when I restart FreeSwitch, a sip profile will load.

@KNERD did you check if sofia module has install ?
How you manage to install it .? can you show us your script or steps please ?

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It seems Sofia is loaded

sofia status
Name Type Data State

0 profiles 0 aliases

Here are the parts of the script which install FreeSwitch

@tinku.keot No clues or hints on this?

There seem to be vital packages are missing. You may refer here, Debian - FreeSWITCH - Confluence

I do not think so. If I compile & install FreeSwitch alone, the basic sip profiles exist.

I see the SIP profiles are located in the database, while I am using MariaDB, the same default SIP profile is located in MariaDB under sip_profiles.

So it seems ASTPP is not loading the SIP profile from the database into FreeSwitch? Or how does that work?

Maybe you have a clue, or what is loading the profiles into FreeSwitch?

Does sip profile load when you execute reload mod_sofia command?

No, sip profile does not load when I try reloading Mod_sofia.

Thanks for taking the time to respond on this.

You didn’t give many details how you are installing this, so just a shot in the dark but did you enable the MySQL module?

nano /etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/pre_load_modules.conf.xml
<configuration name="pre_load_modules.conf" description="Modules">
    <!-- Databases -->
    <load module="mod_mariadb"/>
I think that could be it!
<configuration name="pre_load_modules.conf" description="Modules">
    <!-- Databases -->
    <!-- <load module="mod_mariadb"/> -->
    <load module="mod_pgsql"/>

I see I have pgsql instead of maribdb.

I am using MariaDB. It seems to be working as all the data is in there


I also ran into another issue with FreeSwitch which came up out of the blue also, but Signal does not seem to want to help. Their best answer it to “use the binaries.”

You should be using MySQL v8 with ASTPP. You can use MariaDB but there are some incompatibilities, so you would need to go through the SQL install file and change those before installing the schema. This project seems intent on sticking with MySQL 8 unfortunately.

Also, make sure you are disabling strict mode in the MySQL config file.

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I already went through the compatibility issues. All the data from the install is in there.
Even while logged in, the sample data and accounts are being listed. Just the sip profile is not loaded into FreeSwitch,

Also, I tried changing to mod_maridb and throws an error

Seems MariaDB in did not like sql_mode=“”


Anyway, it seems ASTPP is throwing errors again

An Error Was Encountered

Length must be greater than 0

I have seen this a LOT of times. Even on version 5 with their own installer. After some updates , that error would pop up.

I am probably about done with ASTPP and its shoddy development.

Like I said, use MySQL v8, not MariaDB. Also, Freeswitch cannot access MySQL or MariaDB if you don’t have that mod_mariadb enabled, so I don’t know what you are doing.

Well, as I mentioned, it was displaying/grabbing all the data from MariaDB just fine, only the SIP profile would not load.

ASTPP SQL schema is designed for MySQL v8, not MariaDB. They are not 100% compatible. I was using MariaDB once upon a time but ran into compatibility issues. I don’t remember what they were. Instead of dealing with that by maintaining my own *.sql files I just switched to MySQL 8 so I am was more in line with the project.

My understanding it MariaDB is supposed to be a “drop in replacement” for MySQL though are some compatibility issues.

MariaDB is intended to maintain high compatibility with MySQL, with library binary parity and exact matching with MySQL APIs and commands, allowing it in many cases to function as drop-in replacement for MySQL.