Host part only in Contact message

Hi all

I am trying to interconnect with a mobile operator that requires only the host part URI in a SIP contact message.

if I set the contact in message to false, the SIP contact returns:

what you should/expect to be receiving:

any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

Not sure with FS but it seems possible with SBC. You can reach out to us for further discussion and see we can do that.

Good morning @smrdoshi

I have sorted out the malformed SIP header, but editing the source of FS. (freeswitch-1.10.10.-release)
inside the calls to check if extension_in_contact is set.
around Line 4201 in
ā€“ format = strchr(sipip, ā€˜:ā€™) ? ā€œsip:gw+%s@[%s]:%d%s%sā€ : ā€œsip:gw+%s@%s:%d%s%sā€;
++ format = strchr(sipip, ā€˜:ā€™) ? ā€œsip:[%s]:%d%sā€ : ā€œsip:%s:%d%sā€;

Now my interconnect to the mobile operator has passed all the integration tests and we are going live, without the need for an additional SBC.

I hope this helps.

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