How to book professional support?

How do I book an hour or two of professional support? There does not seem to be any system in place to do this. The “professional services” link on the astpp Dashboard page resolves to a 404 page.
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The astpp home page only offers a support email but there is no booking system or pricing information and there is no support tab on the top menu either. Why not offer a ticket or booking system with hourly rates where end users can log an issue and request immediate support?

ASTPP Support Packs (

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You should have a clear link on the website and on the astpp dashboard to this page. An email address to request support is not the same.

Yes , very strange they would hide such information on their own site.

I believe we have clear menu for the pricing and in that you can find the links. Do you still think, we should highlight support pricing on top menu of website?

Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

In my personal opinion, there should be either a menu tab on your website called SUPPORT or the CONTACT US tab should open to support and sales. It should be easy to find and book, preferably with an appointment app.

At some point I wanted to pay for support (because time is money) but could not find a clear path. By the time I had figured out how to book it, I had resolved the issue myself.

Got it. Thanks, we will workout on that.