How to disable OTP if account is created via API

Good day,

I am creating accounts via API but the account will not be activated until you make another API call to verify API.

How can I disable this?

Reply is:

{“status”:true,“data”:{“number”:“xxxxx”,“reseller_id”:0,“telephone”:“xxxxx”,“password”:“-QorxAdmqUIS22IskgMLLA”,“email”:“xxxxx”,“first_name”:“xxxxx”,“last_name”:“xxxxx”,“company_name”:“xxxxxx”,“country_id”:“88”,“currency_id”:“85”,“timezone_id”:“78”,“retries”:“1”,“otp”:“602536”,“client_ip”:“xxxxx”,“creation_date”:“2023-03-22 09:31:02”,“last_id”:“34”},“success”:“Your account created successfully and account details sent to your registered email address”,“response_code”:200}

It now requires you call the api with body

“number”: “1234”,
“otp”: “736397”,
“last_id”: “6”

I am trying to just create an account only on the first API call as only my application has access to make the call