How to implement the STIR / SHAKEN certificate

could someone help me to generate a stir/shaken certificate and implement it to astpp?

@nelson We do provide stir/shaken feature on our Enterprise version. You can contact us on
Also you can contact us on skype ID : astpp.sales.1

@nelson For self-signed cert, this might help

If using the Community Version:

if it is community edition, does it work? it is to authenticate with a provider?

Its not available with ASTPP Community edition.

but they say it is not possible, with the community version. I would really like to confirm that because I need to implement it.

I think the ability to do it easily is built into the Enterprise version, and not the community version is what they mean. However, the engine behind ASTPP is FreeSwitch which actually does handle STIR/SHAKEN, so it can be done. You will just have to manually do it yourself. The link to the guide I posted also says OpenSIPs can do it also for you.