How to integrate a clicktocall solution with astpp

Friends, I need clicktocall application for astpp and I found this option in the old forum:

I send the calls from freeswitch cli with command originate {ignore_early_media=true,accountcode=6712611427}sofia/gateway/trunk1/91xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and the calls gets billed in astpp under the account 6712611427

I was even able to make the calls, but he only charges the second call, and when I answer end A it is muted until end B is answered, I can’t hear the ring.

I think it wouldn’t be difficult for ASTPP to create the clicktocall code for Enterprise customers, and that would make billing an incredible differentiator.

If anyone can help I’m grateful.
Thank you very much

ASTPP doesn’t have click2call feature at the moment. You can contact to our sales team for implementation.