How to trigger "create_account" email

How do I manually trigger an email notification? I got some accounts where notifications was off when we created the customer account and the “create_account” email was not sent at the time. How do I trigger this manually? I even checked the SQL database for some kind of flag to send it but I can’t find anything. Please help.

If you go into the client account, then Emails. you will see a history of emails sent. Looks like you can resend with the menu on the right

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  1. That works ONLY if the email was sent before so if notifications was off during the account creation and the “create_account” email was never sent, then there is no history and thus the email can not be triggered manually.

  2. Another problem with the email history is that it only sends the SAME email as before. No changes to the template or email address are incorporated in the resent email. Thus, if you had an error in the original template, or you simply want to improve the email message, none of the changes are sent. It simply repeats the original email.

You may log the requests in Jira.

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OK but I just need to know which flag triggers the “create_account” email. Anyone know where that is in the code?

Grep is a a handy tool to use to find that stuff. I understand the coding may not be all that straight forward due to the system using Code Igniter which basically uses templates to create the page on the fly.

Looking at the Create Account page URL, /customer_add/ is a big clue

Thanks but I can’t find any files with that name

That’s not a file name