How to upgrade from v5 to v6?

  • ASTPP Version: 5.0 Community
  • Any modification have you done in default ASTPP: No
  • Operating System: Centos 7

Is there a script or manual to upgrade from v5 to v6?

In the past, they would publish scripts, but nothing lately. However, with the number of complaints with v6 dealing with bugs, not sure you would want to at this time.

Hello @voxdatacomm ,
The upgrade script is still in progress.

Now version 5 is removed from Git Branches :frowning:

@webudo V5.0 branch is available as is

Hello @palak
Do you have any updates for this?

Hello @webudo
Its pending with the QA, it will still take some time.

Don’t worry. Looking at Git in the differences between community version 5 and 6 there is only a hand full of lines of code which has changed. You could make the changes yourself in a few minutes and you would be on their so-called version 6.To call it version 6 is being dishonest.