I can't generate invoices

I have tried to configure ASTPP Community V6 on virtual servers on the Google Cloud Platform with Debian 10 and Debian 11, and I have had several problems.
In particular, I have not been able to generate invoices with the users’ call time.

What have I done?

Create a postpaid reseller
Create a postpaid user associated with this reseller
Assign credit to both reseller and customer
I made calls at a cost
Calls appear fine in CDR list

I checked that invoice generation is active
I reviewed the cron configuration and even ran it by hand from the CLI

cd /opt/ASTPP/web_interface/astpp/cron/ && php cron.php crons

wget --no-check-certificate

and from the web console

Under none of these options am I able to generate an invoice that includes the minutes consumed by the clients.

I hope you can help me

What is the billing cycle of your postpaid customer?

I have tried different cycles

  • Monthly and I set the current day as billing day, then wait a day and nothing
  • Monthly and I place the day after the current one as billing day, then wait two days and nothing
  • Diary and nothing

I also modified the frequency of Generate Invoice cron (from configuration - crons), from daily (1) to minutes and nothing

I have modified the URL in the cron using the {BASE_URL} variable, as it comes by default, using the server’s IP or even the localhost IP.

This is what the cron looks like

Me llama la a

It also catches my attention that there is no information recorded in the system log.


It seems setup or configuration issue. You can buy support package from here ASTPP Support Packs (astppbilling.org) and then we will help you personally by looking into your system.

I have done 3 consecutive installations, using the script available on the web, using Debian 10 and Debian 11, and in all three cases the problem occurs.

It doesn’t seem like a configuration issue.
Configuration done

  • Sip profile adjustment
    Replacing the SIP IP with the internal IP of the server
    Replacing ext-rtp-ip and ext-sip-ip with the server’s external IP

  • Create a Reseller (postpaid)

  • Create a user (postpaid) under this new reseller

  • I assigned cost to local outgoing calls “LC Charge / Min” *

  • Create a SIP device for this new account

  • Review billing settings

  • I made test calls between the SIP that is configured in the installation and the one I created

  • Review the CDR and verify that the call generated a cost

They could tell if I left something out.