Import balance for Postpaid customers


I have following issue:

When I import Postpaid customers via CSV file, their balance is not imported. The new accounts are created, but whatever amount I put as a balance, negative or positive, is lost. So, instead of my balance, there is always simply 0.0000. All other fields like email, address, credit limit are imported ok.

I have also noticed there is a Translation rule field in the ASTPP importing list of columns, but it is not selectable in the table before proceeding with Import.

Could you please help me with this issue? Is something wrong with my setup?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello @Genia ,

It seems bug of that particular field because same thing i check for balance and it works. You can post it here: and it can be fix.

Also you can use Batch update option for Credit as of now for your workaround.

Did you mean Translation = Localization? If yes then we have not given that option in import.

Hello @hemdip.badani , thanks for your advice! I have posted this issue on jira couple of days ago, but there is no reply so far.

I unfortunately cannot use the function of Batch update as my customers have different amounts in their balances.

The importing of the balance functionality is vital, I am wondering, am I the only one who experiences this issue?

Hello @Genia ,
Found your reported bug:

It will be fix in upcoming release.