Important: Updated installation script & FreeSWITCH package download changes related

Hello ASTPP Community,
Hope you are doing good, keeping safe and at peace, which is actually nowadays scarce.
Nevertheless, For a few days, there is an issue with the ASTPP setup when trying to install it via the installation script. That is, the FreeSWITCH package is not installed, and because of that required FreeSWITCH directory structure has gone missing.
The reason behind this is, SignalWire, the primary sponsor/maintainer of the FreeSWITCH community added an extra authentication layer in late March-2022. This requires the package installer to signup and create a Personal Access Token(PAT) to install the packages.
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That calls for related changes in the ASTPP installation script. We have considered the possibilities of an open hook to get benefits of APIs of SignalWire using the token, easy setup and upgrade of the packages, and importantly the least modifications required in existing configs. So we have come up with the changes in the installation script accepting the Personal Access Token from SignalWire and letting the setup keep installing the FreeSWITCH package from the Linux package management tool.
The update ASTPPv5 installation script can be downloaded from here,

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i am using ASTPPv4 from long time then they had some issues on V4 so we move to V5 and it was working , but now from 4 days i am getting issues SIP registration getting failed automatically on ASTPP V5, any update on this, if trying to reinstall it getting same issues everytime please update what is the issues i tried with freeswitch token also