Importing/exporting originating rates crash

When I import or export originating rates my system completely creashes, all the CPU and RAM spikes to 100% and the services go offline, cant SSH, GUI freezes, and ongoing calls stop functioning.
There are 6000 rates, this is nothing for a Database to query and for your code to export to a .csv, why does it hog all of the resources? the server stays in this state for 20 minutes before its usable again.

Check your CSV file for errors. I would assume you are importing and exporting the same file. I have imported and subsequently deleted 100,000+ records without issues.

Thanks for the response.
I dont even get a csv file, 3 seconds after clicking export everything stops and the server crashes, nothing downloads to the browser. This is running the latest version 5.

OK but for Originating Rates to be populated, you must have imported a file first. It that file was corrupted, it could be causing your issue. Try to delete all rates and import a new rate file from the carrier. Start with something small to make sure everything works.

How did you delete 100,000 - the UI only allows to show 500 at a time?


Use the search function to filter for the rates you want to delete.

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Aha I missed that, was dreading removing directly from MySql - thank you