Hi Guys,

We are getting numbers sent to us from the upstream carrier with a 3 digit code prepended to the end, the 3 digit code will change all the time. We need to send the full number including the three digit code through to our PBX system attached to ASTPP. I tried to use REGEX in the DID number field but it only allows me to put numbers and the + sign. I need to put some regex like this:


This would send through the 1300 number to our PBX plus the random 3 digit number at the end. Is this possible? Maybe there is another way to do this? Thank you in advance.

Hi @gflow ,

You would likely need to make changes to the the functions lua, dialplan and Web interface to achieve what you wish in that way.

Are you running enterprise or community?

Another thought would be to set the customer up as a provider and handle the incoming from your upstream carrier as a standard call via origination prefix as the number minus the last 3 digits to go out over a trunk/gateway which would point at the customers pbx attached to that customers provider account.

You’d need to test this though and then there will be the billing considerations for ensuring the customer is billed for that toll free call.