Inbound SIP Trunk to Calling Card

I am trying to use ASTPP as gateway for calls originating from fusionpbx. With a2billing I simply create an inbound trunk and calls are validated by accountcode or caller ID and billed to the correct a2billing account with Silver, Gold or Platinum rates as defined in the individual a2billing account for each user.

In ASTPP I do not see this type of capability. If I create a SIP Device, all calls will be billed to the same ASTPP customer account instead of to the individual users which makes it impossible to bill prepaid fusionpbx users.

Creating individual SIP accounts for every user (as was suggested in a forum post) is also impossible as it means creating thousands of outbound routes in fusionpbx. I think this is my “make or break” moment. I got astpp almost configured the way I want but this problem seems unsurmountable.

All suggestions are appreciated.