Incorrect Billing for Forwarded Calls (incoming part)

I’m testing the Community version 6.0 installed on a fresh DEBIAN 11 server just days ago.
I found a strange behavior in the billing part for FORWARDED calls.
The incoming call is always either: FREE or ZERO cost. The outbound part of the call (PSTN forward) is billed correctly.

Scenario # 1 when customer having a “FREE minutes” package for OUTGOING calls only:
'The free message appears in both: the inbound part, and the outgoing part of the call. That package is supposed to be “Free” only for OUTGOING calls. The incoming part is supposed to be billed (the DID has a COST/Min. set on its configuration).

Scenario # 2 when customer has no free minutes package, and the are Origination Rates, Termination Rates, as well as DID Cost per minute configured:
Both ways appear in the CDR as “STANDARD”, but only the Outgoing part of the call is the one showing the correct billing cost for the customer. The incoming part, although is showing “STANDARD” as call type (not free), cost shows “0.00”, even when the DID has a cost/min set. The only way how to fix this (I tested it) is when I create an “Origination Rate” with the exact whole number of the DID (no prefix) and I must select “Rate Check for DID” in the “CALLS” menu in the General Settings of ASTPP.
Not sure if that is the expected behavior (on this scenario#2) but what is the purpose of having “Cost/min” field in the DID configuration then, if I still have to create an origination rate and change the General settings to “rate check for DID” ?





Hello @chamtest As you have raise the issue here, we are regenerating on our local setup and we will update you for this too like your other issue. You can raise a ASTPPCOM ticket on our Jira portal please.

Hello @chamtest
Good day,
can you please share with product configuration full screenshot?

Thank You