Instal ASTPP manual

Hello everyone.
hope all is fine. is anyone have manual installation guide for ASTPP? i want to move myself from auto installation script.

if someone has the notepad file of manual guide steps please share this.


What’s wrong with auto installation script?

It just not comfortable anymore since the freeswitch thing.

So want to have the manual guide…

You can always use my installer with Debian 10. No Signalwire account needed

thanks knerd. we all know you have done a great job.
can you not update it so we can use it with debian 11?

But i suggest you. when you make script for debian 11 just make a new script.
when someone install astpp they should know what OS they have and what script they are using.

hope you understand the plan


i use script installation on debian 11 clean installation, when i try to access show this error:

An Error Was Encountered
Length must be greater than 0

I mentioned Debian 10. I did not mentioned Debian 11. There is some sort of incompatibility with the ASTPP code and PHP 7.4, I do believe.

I have not had the time to troubleshoot this.

The script already knows what version of Debian you have . The script itself will function with Debian 10 and 11, but as mentioned there is some sort of issue with the ASTPP Code and Debian 11.

The ASTPP people don’t seem to want to throw any pointers my way.

Hello Sir,
i tried to install your script with debian 10 , the installation were get successfully completed. but when i open the URL it is not opening means page not coming i checked all the domain and the host i mentioned all was ok , can you tell me is there any error

That version is outdated and really never worked.

I have a newer version for ASTPP version 6. I have uploaded, but instead uses Debian 11. This one does work, but I have not gotten the compiling issue resolved so you have to use the SignalWire repository for now.

Working on it for support of Ubuntu 20.04 also.

@oneglashteam Have you selected debian buster version of mysql as mentioned in installation guide?
And share what nginx error or access errors are you receiving while try attempting to access the GUI

There is a mistake on the installatio script I think, because it force me to install the letsencrypt, if I chose no, the installation stops, and for some reason when I install the letsencrypt and Im using my IP the config file only shows port 443 and nop the port 8081 in the ASTPP.conf file, I would like the option of not having to instal the letsencrypt in my server.

Hello @drtipdter,

In this case, you can use our ASTPP default community script, which is available for download at the following URL:

Before starting the installation, please ensure that you refer to our Installation Guide.txt for instructions.

The script ends because that is the end of the installtion

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Oh lord
signed up in the forum, and the download url says that I need to sign up to the forum

ASTPP community edition every vesion its worst

@Ottly1955 While consuming your efforts on sharing ‘unsuitable’ comments here and there, start using the correct way how the flow works. There might be possibility that everything not setup as per our convenience.
Use the correct email address which you used while forum signup and you will be able to download the script.

I found the only possible way at least for me to get a suscceful install of the ASTPP comunity version, was doing it directly from the console where you got your server instyalled, if you had it installed in a VPS, try to access their console to be able to get the installation, I thing there is something wrong when you try to installed using SSH. hope this helps other that confront the same issue I did for over 2 weeks.

You may want to download the newest install script.

I do everything via SSH. It should not be any different than logging into a console assuming you are logging into both as the same user.

i am trying to find the latest astpp install script. but cant find it as their website no option for download
have you got the latest script?