Instal ASTPP manual

Hello everyone.
hope all is fine. is anyone have manual installation guide for ASTPP? i want to move myself from auto installation script.

if someone has the notepad file of manual guide steps please share this.


What’s wrong with auto installation script?

It just not comfortable anymore since the freeswitch thing.

So want to have the manual guide…

You can always use my installer with Debian 10. No Signalwire account needed

thanks knerd. we all know you have done a great job.
can you not update it so we can use it with debian 11?

But i suggest you. when you make script for debian 11 just make a new script.
when someone install astpp they should know what OS they have and what script they are using.

hope you understand the plan


i use script installation on debian 11 clean installation, when i try to access show this error:

An Error Was Encountered
Length must be greater than 0

I mentioned Debian 10. I did not mentioned Debian 11. There is some sort of incompatibility with the ASTPP code and PHP 7.4, I do believe.

I have not had the time to troubleshoot this.

The script already knows what version of Debian you have . The script itself will function with Debian 10 and 11, but as mentioned there is some sort of issue with the ASTPP Code and Debian 11.

The ASTPP people don’t seem to want to throw any pointers my way.