Install ASTPP at Debian9


I’m new to ASTPP, could you help me?
I installed my first ASTPP server on Debian9.
I want to use my server IP to access, but I cant
I have some errors when I installing it. I don’t know solve them.
Thank you.

Based on the FQDN details feed by you during installation, you should have received the admin portal access details at the end of installation process.You can use it to access the portal.

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Thank you for your comment.
I want to install and use my IP local for testing or doing
I use quick install by link: v4.0 - ASTPP - Docs (

Hello @hoang1999
Do you have nginx service running fine?
Do you see logs in astpp_access.log when you try to access the portal?
Do you have any firewall rules that might block the request?
There are few basic check to go through, you need to do that.
Please share exact concern you are facing, the details you shared is not enough to identify the cause.

Do you have Skype?
I want to exchange about ASTPP.
It’s difficult to exchange in this.
Many Thanks

Hello @hoang1999
You may use pastebin to share logs.