International Credits Addon Giving Error

I am trying to install International Credits Addons in ASTPP v5 on Debian10. When I go to addons and click install Internation Credits Addon I will get this error below:

Copying file to web directories…
Copy process completed for web directories!!

Copying file for freeswitch call scripts…
Failed!! Unable to copy files to /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/astpp/lib/ folder!!!


I can confirm that I have installed ASTPP v5 on Debian 10 by using file, following the Guide File, comes with the ASTPP v5 community edition. Installation was successful I have already Installed other addons already. This is the only Addon that is giving me an error.
I have also created a bug-fix ticket on jira.astppbilling.or


Check if that folder is having enough permission. It should have 755 permission.

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Please try below command and check
chmod -Rf 755 /opt/ASTPP/

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