Invoices in ASTPP 5 always in Zero

I have installed ASTPP 5(Community Version); everything appears to be working good, excep Invoices. My customes already have done calls(incoming and outgoing); CDR report shows their calls and show minutes used and their values. However, in the moment of generate Invoices, no matter the dates I choose, the Invoice shows ZERO (0) and no amount, total or total due is shown.

Maybe some “trick” or some config I could be forgetting.??
Please, advices are very welcome.!

Anybody? :flushed:

Are those customers assigned with any products?

Hi devangn,
thanks for the response.
No customers assigned to products, in fact.

I have already created a “test” product and assigned customers to it, but same results: I generate manually some invoices for post-paid customers(corresponding to last July month) and the invoices are in Zero($.0,00)

I’m almost sure I’m omitting/forgetting something… but I don’t know what.!

Hi @devangn please I am having same issue here. Please can you assist

anybody please. I need help

Still nothing on this? May have to report the issue on Github as this forum has gotten little use since they moved over from Google Groups

Please report the issue

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I have installed ASTPP community v5.0 and after that made some calls by using postpaid customer. CDR report shows their calls and show minutes used and their values. after generate Invoices i verified total Minutes, Amounts or total dues are proper displayed in invoices.
So can you please update your ASTPP version and once again check this concern?


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