Language Selection

We have both English and French customers. Both languages are installed in ASTPP but I can’t find a way to set the preferred language of each customer. Everything defaults to the system language. Isn’t it possible to define the language for each customer?

Nope, we do not have it per customer.

That’s a problem as it is a legal requirement in Canada to serve the customer in both official languages. I am not a programmer but can’t imagine it being too difficult to implement. Open source community anyone? I would offer a $200 donation to get this done.

Ok. Our team will reach you to take it forward.

What for? They can switch it themselves at the bottom of the page.

I recall there is a method to login as a customer from an admin account with a click of a button, but I do not recall how to get to it, or see it at the moment.

Anyway, if you look at the bottom right of the page there is a footer with the ability to change the language. It appears in both the admin and customer portal.

You misunderstood. I mean the voice prompts. Each customer must be served in the language of their choice so for example a French customer should hear “Veuillez entrer votre code d’accès” whereas an English customer should hear “Please enter your password.” This has never been a problem in any system we have used.

If I was you, I would let ASTPP just do all the billing, and let PBXs do all the other stuff.

Maybe I am looking at it the wrong way but as I understand it, ANI, PIN number and/or password validation must be done in ASTPP and the corresponding voice prompts have to be in English or French.

Well, Astrerisk2billing does that, but it is a bit dated.

Yes. a2billing is not an option anymore. We want to use ASTPP but I am not sure we’ll get it to work the way we want.

I am sure the basic of how a2billing does it could be transferred into ASTPP