Limit possible Caller ID's for Customer

Here is the case.

  1. Customer has one Sip Device

  2. Customer has multiple DIDs

  3. Customer has their own PBX and they need to be able to use any of assigned DID’s as Caller ID, this can be done by configuration of Sip Device by leaving fields “Caller Name” and “Caller Number” blank. They will be filled automaticly based on SIP HEADERS from INVITE.

  4. Customer should be able to use only assigned DIDs as Caller ID. It is not accaptable that Customer will use Caller ID number that belongs to other Customer.

How to configure ASTPP to fulfil requierement 4?

‘CLI Pool’, we call it. Enterprise edition having this features. Few interesting code level modifications will be required to have it.

Ok. So enterprise edition is required for this feature?

Yes @Bartosz , you may reach out to us