In the LIVE CALLS Panel, there is a bug with the Term Trunk table, we have 2 providers and when 1 fails the call is completed by the second normally, but in LIVACALLS, it shows that the call is going out through the first provider, even if it fails and the call goes out by the second, the dashboard always shows only the first provider.

To reproduce the problem.

Configure 2 Gateways (providers)
In Trunks Configure the 2 Gateways on the same trunk, 1 being the Gateway and the other the Failover Gateway.

When making the call, if the first trunk fails the second trunk completes the call, but in the LIVECALLS UI Panel, the system will show that the call is going out through the 1st gateway (which failed).

This creates confusion when it comes to quickly checking which trunk that call is being placed on.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Please raise the issue: here.

Already did that.

Thanks. Team will check it out.

nikunj.ayarNikunj ayar added a comment - 09/Sep/21 9:57 AM

Hello rgazetta,


Can you please let us know which version of ASTPP in you are checking this?

Also can you please share us related screenshot or video recording of this issue.

If possible please share pcap trace of the 1st provider cancelling/rejecting call.



nikunj.ayarNikunj ayar added a comment - 15/Sep/21 2:02 PM


We are closing this ticket due to response.

Feel free to raise new ticket if you have any concern.



ipglobergazetta added a comment - 3 days ago

The version is informed in ticket 4.0.1. (BUG UI Live Calls (version 4.0.1))

There’s nothing to record on video, the system shows only one provider.
What would you like to see on video??