Localization numbering plan

  • ASTPP Version 6
  • Operating System: (Debian11)
    Trying to update localization, we have customers that sent calls in firrente formats, how can we represent this

10 digits add xx to front to pass call in 12 digits
any other pass like it came

[Tutorial] ASTPP 4 Tutorial : Precedence of Localization - Announcements - ASTPP (astppbilling.org)

yes it describe how to change not how to simple separe 10 digits need add xx more than ten pass …

Please provide a few different examples of what number the end user is dialling and what number you want to be processed. Also what format are your Origination and Termination rates?

Customer dial 5512345678 number need to be 595512345678
i create a localization * add 59
how i tell too localizacion if customer dial 18005001212 pass that whay do not add 59

If all numbers start with 55, instead of * (wildcard) then
55 add 5955
2 add 592
3 add 593
4 add 594
9 add 599
18005001212 will not be affected and pass without localization

ok sound logical how i put like asterisk, the qty ok digits means is very long to type all series are more than 4 million, means…
add i receive 10 digits i add 59 if did rreceive 11 or less i pass