Long list of issues with Community version code

Trying to find a possible issue of why the community version is not working out so great with a few lines of code to support PHP 7.4 (thanks to @sman123 ) , I came across an open source project called “PHPCompatibility” which scans all your PHP files for compatibility with whatever version you choose.

Since there was a change which allowed it to somewhat work for PHP 7.4, I wanted to see if something else was broken for version 7.4.

While most were just warnings, there were quite a few errors presented.

It is showing PHPCBF could fix many of the warnings automatically. Maybe I could consider a pull request if they want to help fix this mess a bit.

Anything that just gives a deprecation warning is ok. I submitted a pull request long ago to fix that preg_replace() error that hasn’t worked since PHP 7.0. Of course it was never merged just like pretty much every other pull request I submit.

My advice is to find some other project. Community Edition looks like abandonware to me. Don’t be fooled by the change in version numbers. There are little if any meaningful changes to the code behind that. I think they just do that to keep it in step with the Enterprise version even though they no longer share the same code base.

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They indicated they are doing major updates for the upcoming version 7. We will see.

Where do they say that? Are you sure they are talking about Community, not Enterprise? They pretended v6 Community was a major update and it wasn’t much more than just changing the version number in the code…lol

They indicate here in this thread

I don’t see any mention of it. They just said they are updating it to run with newer PHP versions but that is fairly trivial. I already have it working with PHP v7.4 and v8.1 with only a few minor updates. I submitted a pull request for 7.4 but they never merged it so I don’t want to waste my time submitting a pull request for 8.1.

They seems to be working on version 7, and that is what “future version” means. For a while, they had a now deleted thread (no telling why) where they were asking for suggestions for version 7. I did notice they have added version 7 into their bug reporting site.

Maybe they are basically done with working on their so-called version 6.

You could do a real fork of ASTPP and call it something like “FreeBill”

In this month, we’ll add the support of PHPv7.4 with ASTPPv6 with help from PR received from @sman123

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