Max concurrent calls

i heard from some others that ASTPP not working more than 150-200 concurrent calls?
if its true is anyone fix the issue to achieve over 500cc

if then can you please share the process?


Hello @sokalsondha,
Concurrent calls are depending on the server configurations or that your profitability relies on pushing high(500-600) concurrent calls in a single instance while your machine can only withstand 150-200!

Hello @nik333,
Good answer

First of all if you never try after listening from someone then you never get idea how much system is capable.

Answer to original post: ASTPP is able to achieve as much CC you want, it depends on server specification, your usage and how you optimize the services.

Oher option would be install separate web part from FreeSWITCH; for example put web part and database on a server and only FreeSWITCH and scripts in a other.

Yes moreover, if you have SBC in front of FreeSwitch then you can have multiple FreeSwitch to run the calls.

Thanks Very much… I just wanted to by default without any SBC

Just astpp +freeswitch can it reach 400-500cc