Mod_amd into ASTPP


I need help installing mod_amd into ASTPP, anyone knows how to do it?

That is a function of FreeSwitch.
May want to look at the FreeSwitch docs, and seems to be a paid module™%20commercial%20module%20used%20to,machine.%20Click%20here%20to%20expand%20Table%20of%20Contents

Thanks @KNERD for reply

I bought the mod but i dont know how to call the function into ASTPP scripts.

Do you have an idea?

Problem is ASTPP make the changes to the configuration files. I would assume if you make any changes in them, they would be over written.

I see nothing in ASTPP which would allow custom routes in the system without coding it yourself.

I saw where they were taking a survey on what should be in the next version 6. Maybe you should fill that survey out to ask for such custom additions to be added so they will not be overwritten.

Thank you!

Im seeing the scripts in lua to modify the routing condition.

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