Monthly Fee Terminated by End User

We typically charge $1 monthly fee to prepaid customers.
I successfully created a recurring Monthly fee package that charges $1 per month but the end user can simply terminate the package from his control panel. Is there any way to charge a monthly fee in ASTPP that can NOT be cancelled by the end user?

I know there is a setting to prevent them from ordering a package, but never bothered to see about cancelling. Anyway, if they do cancel, they service will cancel also after billing period has ended.

Yes but it’s not actually a product or service they are buying in astpp. It’s just a monthly fee we charge our customers to maintain the account but there is no monthly fee product in astpp so cancelling the monthly service fee will not impact their astpp account.

Then perhaps you should make it a product. No pay, service cut off.

It’s under Services → Products

Yes. I created a recurring package that charges 95 cents in rate group silver with zero minutes but it doesn’t do anything except charge the monthly fee and the customer can cancel it anytime without impact on his account. Is there something I am not getting?

the account prepaid, or postpaid?