My Dashboard is blank

I’m new here, I have an issue with dashboard of my astpp 4.0.1. The graphic chart in dashboard is not displayed my events, the profit value at the end of the day, it shows me a value of 0 after having consumed minutes.

but I had some calls and had duration.
I should say, when I installed ASTPP 4.0.1, I got this error " Class ‘CI_Controller’ not found " and I dropped astpp database and created asttp db with these:
mysql -uroot -prootpassword astpp < /root/astpp-4.0.sql
mysql -uroot -prootpassword astpp < /root/astpp-4.0.1.sql
and that resoled and opened but dashboard is blank, is it possible for that…?
might I deleted an event…?

I appreciate the help you can give me.


It might be possible, better you re-install ASTPP to avoid such issue if you not using in production then.