New Documentation URL

Hello Community,

We have new URL for the documentation: Overview - ASTPP Documentation - Confluence (

Your suggestions to improve documentations are most welcome.

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Thanks for the new documentation link.
I tried to follow the instructions to secure freeswitch but in the Community version the
Switch → Freeswitch Server page is not accessible from the menu.

Yes @dcitelecom , It is available on Enterprise version for various freeswitch data monitoring from GUI level itself.

Nobody is here to buy the enterprise version, which looks like it’s using a different core base anyways.

Don’t be so negative. Selling the Enterprise version makes it possible to have a Community version. While it may not be for everyone, I am sure there are scenarios where it pays to use the Enterprise version.

Back when version 3 and under was available, they would sell you add-ons. I think it was a dumb move to stop doing that.

Some may just be starting out and do not want to spend the fee for a year yet, but could possibly use some of the add-ons with the need for the other items, or support.

The whole point of having a community edition is for more eyes to be on the code so that it gets better tested. That helps make the enterprise edition more robust. You can’t do that if the community and enterprise code base is completely different.

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They could of done one of two things.

Keep it all updated. and modularize it like FreePBX. There are open source and closed source commercial modules which you pay for.

Or they could of moduliarized the Enterprise part of it, and if you wanted to use those parts which say “Enterprise” you enter a license key to get access to those parts.

Now they have a big mess on their hands

I don’t understand what they are trying to do with the community edition. There appears to be some serious development going on with all aspects of the enterprise edition, including updates to the core code and framework, but none of that is trickling down to the community edition for some reason even though that is typically what happens with these enterprise/community projects.

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