No audio on calls ASTPP 4.0

Hello all, I have installed ASTPP 4.0 and installed bcg729 codec, I am able to dial out through the provider trunk, but calls connects and there is no audio from both softphone and receiving mobile device. The ASTPP is behind a PF-sense firewall. Is there something I need to check ?

Ports forwarded? NAT enabled?

Hello KNERD, yes i have port forwarded and also enabled outbound NAT. The provider is only accepting calls from ASTPP’s private IP through an IPsec Tunnel on the firewall. If I enable ext-sip-ip and external-rtp-ip as the public IP on the ASTPP sip profile, the call is rejected by the provider.

You are going to have to use something like sngrep to figure out what the IP each side is seeing. There is no audio because of NAT, and one or both of the sides are sending to the wrong IP addresses, it seems

I have analysed and realized that the provider is sending different media IPs from the signalling IPs, those IPs have already been enabled on the firewall, how do i allow those media IPs on ASTPP?, I already configured the signalling IP of the provider on the gateway settings.