No funciona Instalacion ASTTP V6 en Centos 7

Buen día, estoy tratando de realizar la instalación de la nueva version de ASTPP V6 en una VPS en centos 7, sin embargo al ingresar a la interfaz web sale el siguiente error:

An Error Was Encountered

Class ‘CI_Controller’ not found

Pueden ayudarme por favor!

That is related to Database connection issue. Not sure what it is yet, but try Debian 11

Preferred OS distro is Debian for ASTPPv6

Actually the script is broken even for Debian. I ran it the other day, but really did not have time to check the installation out. Today, I found out it is a broken script. It is NOT installing Mysql. In fact, the repo was not even placed in /etc/apt.

Don’t these things get tested before release? How about using Maridb which is already in the Debian repo???

Hello @KNERD,

It seems you are using debain11 OS in which you need to select repository “debian buster” and then for configuration part please select “OK”. Please find attached screenshot for your reference.

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