No new data getting inserted to cdrs_day_by_summary

I noticed I no longer get data to cdrs_day_by_summary table. Appreciate if someone can explain how data being populated to that table.

Thank you in Advance

Seems reseller_cdrs related trigger is responsible for the data insertion on cdrs_day_by_summary but reseller_cdrs table also empty.

Hello @linux.kernel
In database cdrs_day_ by_summary tables is also empty? Please check.

Hi @palak,

It has data only upto 28th March 2023

Hello @linux.kernel
Which version you are using ?

I am using version 6

Hello @linux.kernel
Does your cdrs tables had any entries after 28th March?

Yes it has

billing and chagrins happens perfectly but empty data on admin dashboard. No issue for customer dahshboards

Please share your GUI details on below id.

reseller_cdrs also empty.

Hello @linux.kernel
Did you share the details ? So we can see the issue.

Yes I sent an email weeks back

Got it

Do you see two procedures there?

Dear @devangn ,

Finally found the issue. Some tuning on mysql might have caused TRIGGER cdr_records to disappear. So data is not getting to cdrs_staging at all.

As a temporary fix I created new SP called custom_get_cdr_records changing cdrs_staging to cdrs and calling that manually.

I would like to thank @palak for investigating on this via emails as well.

Thank you and hope this thread will help someone with the similar issue in the future.

Good to know @linux.kernel

Hi @devangn / @palak,

Now it seems resolved itself , after getting data on the cdrs_day_ by_summary. And date got updated on reports_process_list table.

Seems something to dig in right ?

The stored procedure calculating from cdrs entries and keep feeding/updating the data into cdrs_day_by_summary and that’s reflecting on dashboard, so if anything not correct there with procedure the data discrepancy will occur.

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