Not able to download invoice


I can’t download the invoice from the admin page or customer page, the error :6 ##########

Hello @devang ,

Which version you are using and OS?

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core) And version v5.0

Kindly check logs and hope you have correct permission to your source directory.

We have similar setup for community member and it work there as well

We installed ASTPP from the Script and then just create prepaid customers and providers.

Can you please share the path or something so we can check.

Its difficult to answer without any error log/issue detail, here sharing some tips so try it if works for you.

  1. Check error logs & access log of ASTPP & Nginx
  2. Drop exiting DB and import from ASTPP/database at v5.0 · iNextrix/ASTPP · GitHub
  3. Set 755 permission to your source directory.

Still the same , Installation is in /opt folder,

To date this error has not been fixed, I have tested all the 777 and 755 permission options in every directory, there is nothing in the log.
The problem is with the logo, if I load a logo it generates the error, if I remove the logo the invoice works!