Not Sip-DID or DID-IP work

Hi, good day. Previously the DIDs were working well but now this message appears: ORIGNATION_RATE_NOT_FOUND [31]

The call Type is DID and Direction inbound

What can I check to correct this failure?. For your time and help, thanks.

Hello @imv2000,
Good day, can you please check once that no prefix before the DID, and that’s might be a reason that call considered as outbound and also no rates for that prefix that cause ORIGNATION_RATE_NOT_FOUND.


An apology for the delay in reply. I have checked and I do not see additional digits. I explain the scenario: Client 1 configured its sip device, client 2 configured its sip device by adding SIP DID. In both cases, if the calls are dialed from the PSTN, the calls come in without a problem, but if the two clients are dialed, the indicated message is obtained.

I appreciate your comments and help.