Outbound call not working

I am using a calling card application but my outbound calls are not going through. this is the error i get NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE [41]

Hello @kdorcas71 ,
Can share more details on it? Also please check if the configuration for outbound calls are configured fine?

Hello Palak,
How do I check for the outbound call configurations.
I am currently using a sip trunk.

my outbound call configurations are okay.

Can you share the logs in freeswitch pastebin here?


@kdorcas71 can you please send full logs from the starting to end.


@kdorcas71 we have checked and found that the call is passed to gateway but from provider it is not working.

Above the call is passed to gateway. If you check sngrep you can find the error coming from provider IP.

In above we have send the call with codec’s then gateway sent failure, please check with them once.