Outbound Caller-ID from SIP device is being ignored

Good night.
Here, ASTPP 6.
Grandstream Endpoint, correctly configured, registering fine; DID assigned to endpoint, incoming calls working OK.
SIP device configuration in ASTPP looks fine, and has a “Caller Number” assigned(eg.: 5554443333)

But, when I make a call from the endpoint, ASTPP is using the Caller-ID from the endpoint, ignoring the assigned “Caller Number” 5554443333 … :confused:

Already double-checked the following parameters:

  • Caller-Id-In-From (in Gateway config…tested true and false, same issue)
  • Extension-In-Contact (in Gateway config…tested true and false, same issue

In order to confirm the situation, I made changes in the Endpoint(programming in the phone, the Caller-ID my carrier needs to see), and this “trick” works…but I don´t think this is the correct way to solve the issue.

…I don´t know why this happens in version 6…I have working other server(version 5), and the parameters related with Caller-ID are working fine; the endpoint has his own username/CID number, and no matter this, ASTPP5 overwrites and assigns my correct CID programmed in the “SIP device” section… why this issue happens in version 6??..
…or maybe am I doing something wrong?

PS: I have tested in two separated servers both with ASTPP6, one with centOS, the second with Debian…same issue…

Hello @urbanet ,
please log this issue in JIRA, https://jira.astppbilling.org/

Hi @palak … Already done…
Never before used Jira, so I hope been registered correctly the issue.
So…now? :expressionless:

Hello @urbanet ,
Our QA team will check then it will pass to developers to resolve the issue.
Please check the ticket for any updates.

okay; https://jira.astppbilling.org, since some days reports: “503 Service Unavailable”

Hello @urbanet jira is under maintenance. We will update you once its up.

@urbanet jira is Up now, team is verifying the issue and after that will update you over ticket.

Thanks @palak…!
but…PLEASE.! Could you check https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-1356
I don´t see the case is being treated as needed…(or maybe I am not explaining me.? :confused: )
I consider ASTPP a potential GREAT tool…but issues like this one(and the “superficial” treatment to the issues) are pushing me away …(sadly.!)

Hello @urbanet ,
I have forwarded your concern to the team, they will check again today.

Please follow an issue https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-1356

Have you solved this issue? I found that if you want to pass through cid from end device you need to leave blank field Caller ID in SIP DEVICE configuration on ASTPP.

Is this what you were trying to achieve?