Outbound Caller-ID from SIP device is being ignored

Good night.
Here, ASTPP 6.
Grandstream Endpoint, correctly configured, registering fine; DID assigned to endpoint, incoming calls working OK.
SIP device configuration in ASTPP looks fine, and has a “Caller Number” assigned(eg.: 5554443333)

But, when I make a call from the endpoint, ASTPP is using the Caller-ID from the endpoint, ignoring the assigned “Caller Number” 5554443333 … :confused:

Already double-checked the following parameters:

  • Caller-Id-In-From (in Gateway config…tested true and false, same issue)
  • Extension-In-Contact (in Gateway config…tested true and false, same issue

In order to confirm the situation, I made changes in the Endpoint(programming in the phone, the Caller-ID my carrier needs to see), and this “trick” works…but I don´t think this is the correct way to solve the issue.

…I don´t know why this happens in version 6…I have working other server(version 5), and the parameters related with Caller-ID are working fine; the endpoint has his own username/CID number, and no matter this, ASTPP5 overwrites and assigns my correct CID programmed in the “SIP device” section… why this issue happens in version 6??..
…or maybe am I doing something wrong?

PS: I have tested in two separated servers both with ASTPP6, one with centOS, the second with Debian…same issue…

Hello @urbanet ,
please log this issue in JIRA, https://jira.astppbilling.org/

Hi @palak … Already done…
Never before used Jira, so I hope been registered correctly the issue.
So…now? :expressionless:

Hello @urbanet ,
Our QA team will check then it will pass to developers to resolve the issue.
Please check the ticket for any updates.

okay; https://jira.astppbilling.org, since some days reports: “503 Service Unavailable”

Hello @urbanet jira is under maintenance. We will update you once its up.

@urbanet jira is Up now, team is verifying the issue and after that will update you over ticket.

Thanks @palak…!
but…PLEASE.! Could you check https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-1356
I don´t see the case is being treated as needed…(or maybe I am not explaining me.? :confused: )
I consider ASTPP a potential GREAT tool…but issues like this one(and the “superficial” treatment to the issues) are pushing me away …(sadly.!)

Hello @urbanet ,
I have forwarded your concern to the team, they will check again today.

Please follow an issue https://jira.astppbilling.org/browse/ASTPPCOM-1356