Outbound calls are not bing billed

calls are bing auto incremented on the provider and not being billed on astpp

@kdorcas71 Please elaborate in detail.

when i make a call it auto increments with 1 in the buying cost and if i make a second call the buying cost will become 2 and the customers balance will not reduce.

If i attempt a to make another call it will become 5013

@kdorcas71 It will increase in provider account or customers account? Please confirm.

it will increase in provider account.

it is instead deducting one (1) shilling and yet my origination rate is 1500 shillings.

@kdorcas71 in provider account the flow will be like that only, what’s your termination rate cost? It will increase by termination rate in provider account and decrease from customer account according to origination rate.

my termination rate is 1500 (Uganda Shillings) but my provider balance is only increasing by one shilling.

@kdorcas71 okay, can you please raise one ticket in community jira portal so that our developer can check you issue.

I have created the ticket.

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