Pacquage issue free minute

Hi I have problem with Pacquage product .
I configure a pacquage with for example 5 Free minutes on local call.
If I do 5 call duration 4 second, sixth call are bill .
Like system count 1 minute for a call …
My rate group and rate tariff are increment 1 and bill good the call to the seconds .
So did you have idea how we can do pacquage with include free Time ( bill to the second ) ?

Thanks for reading

Hello @johnx102 ,

Above detail is not clear bit but if you talk about local sip to sip call then it can be configured from customer edit and if you talk about package with inbound flow then i suggest you to check once that your prefix you select in package is same which you use in call, if all perfect then you can post it as a bug

Ok ,
for information,i see with team, but it’s for outbound flow , free minutes are not bill on seconds but on minutes.
See with team for change that , now I’m on new problem, when free time end , call cut .
I’m waiting there feedback, if you have an idea ?

I also has a problem on ASTPP should i bill pr second or per minute my vendor is billing me per second

Hello @johnx102,
If that account have proper balance/credit then it should not drop call as well as realtime disable.

@BMNT2 Its not bug, ASTPP is design package concept by minutes if you want customization then feel free to modify code or you can contact us as well.

I use on prepaid and postpaid, both are still have credit, but call cut at end of free times …

For information, i just verify and realtime is disable …

@johnx102 In that you may raise ticket and contact support team for same as you using enterprise edition so.