Postman API Invoice

Dear all
Am using postman api to see if i can use it to integrate various services with my different software that am using.
Most of the commands i was able to get a response from my portal but the one i need particular which is the invoice i keep getting this error.
“status”: false,
“error”: “Invalid key found.”,
“response_code”: 400
Any ideas how to retrieve the invoices?

Did you not read the error?

Check the API key?

i have changed different settings to see if it works.This is the default that pops ups the key error

Please help me to better understand the astpp api, where in each client I will generate the api token, or is it by email? Thanks

Hello @dbbrito @cyprusvoip ,
At the time of installation key is generated and stored in /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf file and from there you need to add the auth token to generate the API.